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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence




地殻変動から発生する地震 - 噴火など、自然界は時折甚大な被害をももたらしてきた。その様な中でも、人間は自然から学び、そして自然とともに向き合い、時代の層に生き・空間・風土に親しんできた。しかし、我々人間は今までほんとうに豊かな精神-文化へと形成し続けてきたのだろうか。筑波山は関東平野に面し、隆起運動で形成され、麓に広がる美しい裾野は岩盤の起伏を埋めるように堆積して出来た姿である。この山は伝説を生み、信仰の対象として古くから親しまれてきた山でもある。山麓には恵まれた湧水が分布し、豊かな樹林が生育している。この環境の中にアーティスト・イン・レジデンスの会場(ふれあいの里)がある。国内及び世界の国々から招待されるアーティストはそれぞれの文化圏での体験からこのエリアをどの様な「表現の場」とするのでしょうか

“SOUSEI:” Symbiosis between Nature and People


The natural world occasionally inflicts tremendous damage on people through such catastrophes as an earthquake or a volcanic eruption that are caused by diastrophic movements. Within such environments, people have learned from nature and coexisted with nature. Through many generations, people have lived in many layers of time, during which each generation familiarized themselves with the space and climate in which they lived. But then, one may ask, have we really continued to develop toward cultivating our spirits and cultures up to the present day? Mount Tsukuba, facing the Kanto plain, was formed through upheaving movements of the ground. The appearance of the foot of the mountain that beautifully extends outwards was created from the accumulation of small sedimentary rocks that had gathered in a way that filled the gaps between the uneven bedrock. Mount Tsukuba, with its famous legend about welcoming a deity, has been popular as a subject of worship ever since ancient times. An abundance of spring water is distributed at the base of the mountain; hence, the entire mountain is covered with lush forests. The venue, Fureai no Sato, of the International Tsukuba Artist-in-Residence Program is situated in that environment. How will the domestic and international artists who are invited to this program transform this area into “sites of artistic expressions” via their respective experiences from their own cultures?                               T.M   - Translated  by  Taeko  Nanpei -



Production period    October 24 - November 6


Opening Act    November 7   AM:11:30〜


Exhibition period    November 7  -  December 7


Curator Tatsunori Fujii 


Participant Artists


1   Annechien Meier  Netherlands


2   Gert-Jan Gerlach  Netherlands


3   Nicola Gear               Scotland   


4   Mireya Samper        Iceland      


5   Gunjan Tyagi            India         


6   Susanna Niederer   Switzerland


7   Kaiqn Zhang             China         


8   Xiao Li                        China         


9   Jeon won-gil              South Korea


10 Marco Dessardo       Italy ,France


11 Michael Pestel          USA           


12 Rumen Dimitrov      Bulgaria    


13 Sandor Zelenak        Hungary   !sandor-zelenak/c1v3n


14 Simon Whetham      England    




1  Katsuhiko Azuma 


2  Takashi Ikezawa              !ikezawa-takashi-/c1a65


Hiroko Ogawa              


4   Toshiya Kobayashi       


Mutsuharu Takahashi 


6   Takeshi Nakamura         


Tatsunori Fujii               !tatsunori-fujii/c1pqc


8  Takako Yamaguchi       


9  Kazuyuki Miyamoto




主催:Tsukuba Art Center

Tsukuba International Artist In Residence Executive Commitee

地球 - つくば - を吹く

Toshinori Kondou

11月7日(土)  14:30開場
15:30〜   入場無料

Michael Pestel 

マイケル  ペステル

共鳴 ライブ  パフォーマンス



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